News Journal #17-culture of another country

The article “Bare Knuckle Bouts in Madagascar? It is about more than Fighting” describes and illustrates the sport of moraingy and how it is important to the culture of Madagascar. This article is relevant to the culture of another country becuase the sport is unique to Madagascar, and is valuable to its culture. The fights in this traditional sport take place outside grass huts, where onlookers come to watch and cheer The fighters, called fagnorolahy, travel to different towns by van, and announce their matches over loudspeakers. How the fighters preform in the matches is a marker of character and self control. People in Madagascar prefer indirect forms of confrontation, and these fights are a way for them to do just that. Fighters describe the sport as the country’s culture, tradition, and history.

This article is significant because it shows a unique aspect of another culture. The pictures included in the article provide a closer look at what is described. The photos and article are useful in contrasting American Sports with moraingy.

O’Reilly, Finbar. “Bare Knuckle Bouts in Madagascar? It is about more than Fighting.” The New York Times, 5 Nov. 2018,¬†

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