News Journal #18- Population growth

The article “Climate Scientist Claims to use Crispr to make First Genetically Edited Babies” describes how researcher He Jiankui claims to have used the gene editing technique Crispr to create the first genetically edited babies, twin girls. This is realvent to population growth because if this gene editing can eliminate diseases, there are probably thousands of other possibilities of what it could do. This all could eventually escalate and lead to overpopulation. He Jiankui claims to have altered a gene that makes the babies resistant to H.I.V. , although he has not given any evidence to show if this is true. Scientists are fearful that if this is true, many babies may soon be altered for different traits, like athletic and intellectual. The gene editing process can also have adverse affects on other genes. It is unusual that Dr. He has provided no proof, and many people are investigating him for fraud and unethical practices. Other scientists even claim that H.I.V. can be treated without altering genes.

This is significant because it shows a real possibility that technology and science could have in the future. If gene editing continues, it is possible that babies’ genes could start being edited for specific traits. It is important to note that by trying to fix one problem, scientists have caused another.

Kolata, Gina, Wee, Sui-Lee, and Belluck, Pam. “Climate Scientist Claims to use Crispr to make First Genetically Edited Babies.” The New York Times, 26 Nov. 2018,

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