News Journal 20-Food Security

The article “WFP Chief says Yemen Food Survey May Not Show Famine” describes how although many people in Yemen are starving, they are not officially considered in a “famine”. This is relevant to food security because it is an example of a country whose food security is limited. WFP director David Beasly said that this survey may show an increase in acute hunger, or a “catastrophic” food crisis, but may not show famine. Beasly says that he knows that the rate for severe hunger rates will surely increase.

This article is significant becuase it shows how developing countries struggle to maintain a food source. It also shows how a country can be starving, and it is not considered and issue until it is labeled as “famine”. Any severe lack of food should be concerning, not just famine.

Reuters.”WFP Chief says Yemen Food Survey May Not Show Famine.” The New York Times, 4 Dec. 2018,

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