News Journal #19-natural Resources

The article “Brazil Backs out of Hosting 2019 Climate Change Meeting” describes how the Brazilian government’s new views on climate change have led to them pulling out of hosting the conference. This is relevant to resources because Brazil’s rainforests are important resources that are quickly disappearing. President Bolsonero has vowed to take on commercial ventures in the Amazon. Brazil vowed in 2009 to attempt to reduce green house gasses and restore the rainforest, making them one of the most environmentally aware countries. This image of Brazil is now disappearing, as farmers, miners and cattle ranchers in recent years have cleared certain areas of the forest. In 2017, deforestation in the Amazon rose by 14%, the largest loss of the amazon in a decade. Pulling out of the conference will affect many of Brazil’s investments and business deals.

This article is significant because it shows how some countries deny climate change completely. It also shows how as new governments come in to power, a country’s views on an issue can shift drastically. The Amazon is one of Brazils most important resources, and it is disappearing rapidly.

London, Ernesto, and Friedman, Lisa. “Brazil Backs out of Hosting 2019 Climate Change Meeting.”The New York Times,


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